How far in advance do I need to order?

This is completely up to you, you can wait until 1 week before the event to place your order however, it means you’re running the risk of your date becoming unavailable due to other bookings! We recommend shooting us an email just to let me know what date your event is on and we'll pencil you in.

What are your delivery fees?

Delivery charges are calculated depending on location, we offer local delivery as well as free pick up from our Petersham store.

How do I know your availability?

There is a calendar where you can book your date during the checkout process. Unavailable dates will be blacked out. If the date you would like is blacked out, I recommend still emailing us or filling out a booking form as we may be able to work something out for you!

Do you cater for people with special requirements?

Yes! We can do gluten free/vegan/dairy free/vegetarian/nut free sections or full platters!

Can we customise the platter / graze?

Yes! We want your experience with Platter Up Co to be as positive as possible. We will bend over backwards to ensure your order is perfectly suited to your wants and needs! Don't hesitate to tell us about your brie obsession, we will make sure to put extra extra on your board for you!!

What is your cancellation policy?

Being one of Sydney's leading caterers, we work on a 'first in best dressed' structure, which means that securing your event in our calendars, means that it is highly likely that we turn back multiple other requests for the same date. Because of this, we have a firm cancellation policy.

a. In the case of cancellations notified thirty one (31) business days or more, Platter Up Co will refund the full amount paid.
b. In the case of cancellations notified between six (6) and thirty (30) business days’ notice, Platter Up Co will retain the full amount paid and the customer will be issued a credit note.
c. In the case of a cancellation notified five (5) business days or less notice, Platter Up Co will retain the full amount paid.

How should I order if I am out of your online booking delivery radius?

Email us! As long as we aren't already booked out on your requested date, then we will always do our best to deliver to surrounding locations - hello@platterupco.com

I can't click on the date I want

If we are booked out for a specific day, the date will not be able to be selected on the website. We suggest to contact us if this is the case as we do our very best to accomodate everyones bookings.