The Makers & Their Cheeses - Sophie

Bonjour! My name is Sophie and I’m your newest addition to the growing team at Platter Up Co. I’m so excited to be able to make your next event super special with a show-stopping charcuterie board. 

When it comes to cheese, I could name a favourite for every letter of the alphabet! (FYI ‘z’ stands for za’atar burrata and it’s amazing). But the title of reigning supreme would have to be crowned to Meredith Dairy marinated goat’s cheese!

A soft white cheese asleep in garlic and herb infused oils, this baby comes alive when paired with a crusty baguette, fresh raspberries, spicy sopressa… actually I could name everything we include on our platters because this citrus cheese pairs with anything to make both flavours shine. There’s a reason we include it in almost every platter ;) 

It can be mistaken for feta (which, by the way, is my favourite ‘f’ cheese) but these are not to be confused. Both cheeses are amazing on pizza though. 

Sophie xx

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