The Makers & Their Cheeses - Kate

Hello lovelies! My name is Kate and I am so grateful to be living this cheesy life and to be a part of the
Platter Up Co GANG! I have been a part of the Platter Up Co team for almost a year now.

You will find me plattering up, assisting in creating our grazing tables too or just giving Katelyn and Hani and
helping hand. I love being able to show my creative side when creating platters and grazing tables.
My favourite part is seeing a platter or graze come together and adding those finishing
touches with beautiful and colourful edible flowers, delicious chocolate and a chef’s kiss

My favourite cheese is something super sweet and pretty too… It is of course the ‘Somerdale Wensleydale Cranberry Cheddar’.

If you have a sweet tooth… (just like me!) this is the cheese for you! It has a delicious creamy texture which can be perfectly spread onto a wafer cracker. The cheese also has natural sweetness with a burst of cranberries.

This cheese is the perfect addition to a platter or grazing table as it adds a pop of colour
from the cranberries and also sweetness too!
Cranberry Cheddar is a must for your next platter or grazing table. It will be the sweetest addition… promise!
You can find ‘Somerdale Wensleydale Cranberry Cheddar’ at your closest Harris Farm Markets.

Stay sweet and cheesy – Kate xo

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