Here, have our shopping list!

Your Go-To shopping list for the perfect grazing table!

If you're anything like me, you kind-of get off on the idea of creating your own grazing table for an event. I had a birthday party as an excuse to create a grazing table, in-fact, that's where this crazy venture began. I finished the graze minutes before people started rocking up... I was late to my own party, getting dressed and packing on makeup as guests were arriving... #facepalm - At least they had a delicious table to distract them.

I'm hoping that this post may inspire people to create their own tables and fall in love with the process, as I have. I am completely and utterly in my element when I have those damn gloves on, rolling the salami like my life depends on it.

Hottest tips and mottos that we live by:

• 'Less is more' is bulls**t.

•  We focus on two things - variety and quality, period.

• The grazing table looks better with the more fun you have making it (this is fact).

So here's my gospel, my shopping list, that I take on EVERY sourcing trip :


Cheeses :

• Double Cream Brie

• Vintage Cheddar

• 12 Month Aged Manchego

• Danish Blue

• Ricotta

• Jarlsberg

• Truffle Pecorino

• Cranberry 

•  Chèvre


Meats :

•  Prosciutto Crudo

•  Coppa

•  Mild Danish Salami

•  Cacciatore Salami

•  Finocchiona (Fennel Salami)

•  Double Smoked Ham

•  Plain Mortadella



• Strawberries

• Blueberries

• Blackberries

• Raspberries

• Kiwiberries

• Goji berries 

• Cranberries

Grapes :

• Red Grapes

• Green Grapes

• Black Grapes


Other fruits: 

• Blood oranges

•  Ruby Grapefruit

• Kiwifruit

• Passionfruit

• Dragonfruit

•  Pomegranate

•  Mini Plums



Sweets : 

•  Dark chocolate

•  Sour cherry cake

•   Banana cake

•   Honey chocolate cake

• Dried fruits


Veggies :

• Cucumbers

• Radishes 

• Cherry tomatoes

• Sugar snap peas

• Avocado

• Baby capsicums

• Baby Carrots 


Eat with :

 • Waffer crackers

• Gourmet crackers 

• Soy and linseed sourdough

• Fruit bread

• White sourdough baguette 


The Rest :

•  Walnuts 

• Almonds

• Honey Cashews

• Sicilian olives

• Hummus

• Quince paste

• Pâté

• Edible flowers

Katelyn Tripodi 
Owner of this funky little business!

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  • Yvonne on

    Thanks for the tip. These look amazing.

  • Lauren Peers on

    I absolutely love you for this! Your so generous with your professional tips and ideas and I honestly couldn’t thank you enough. 😘❤

  • Penelope on

    Hi Katelyn, your tables are amazing! Just wondering how you calculate quantities?

    Thanks Xx

  • Daisy on

    Wow! These tips are so handy i feel like i’d never know where to start eating let alone actually making one!

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